466385 – Donald Trump signed OMLB Baseball

Railings Official league MLB Baseball autographed by President Donald J. Trump

in Cleveland, OH

on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2016

at the International Exhibition Center

located on 1 I-X Center Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135



3 thoughts on “466385 – Donald Trump signed OMLB Baseball

  1. Yeah I bought this item so that my daughter could have a true piece of American History, who knew that there would be a 150% increase in investment. Plus it is one of the best Autogragh’s of his. It is not difficult to discern whose name is on this. So I know that he was one of only like 4 or 5 poeple to ever hold this ball. Just knowing that is what makes it mean so much. The ruler of the free world gave me this and all you can say is Whoa. That is Podus.


    1. thats one of the wonderful things about autographs, they are a wonderful piece of history to enjoy and own, and often times they increase in value over time, allowing them to also be a once in a lifetime investment, if you ever looking for another piece to add to your collection, be sure to visit our store! happy this piece found a great home!


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